Includes Gutter Cleaning & Roof Spray

Roof de-mossing will extend the life of your roof by up to 10 years. This service is the most cost-effective that we offer, with the potential to save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Professional Roof Moss Removal

Why It's Important:
Moss is very prevalent on BC’s west coast. The creases between shingles on a roof are a very attractive environment for moss to grow. Over time, moss growth will lift and damage the shingles, leading potentially to leaks, and possibly requiring the entire roof to be replaced. In order to avoid this unnecessary expense, regular maintenance is highly recommended.

How We Remove The Moss:
Our experienced workers systematically and completely remove the moss from the roof with unaggressive methods. It is very important that the company you hire to work on your roof knows how to properly remove moss, because otherwise more harm than good can be done to the shingles.

Enviromentally Friendly Roof Spray:
Finally, a chemical spray is applied to the roof that kills the moss spores. This step is crucial to limit the frequency of maintenance. Without the spray treatment, the moss will just grow back again. If a spray is done regularly, then physical removal won’t be needed again, as the moss will not be able to get a foothold. This will save you money in the long run. Spraying the roof regularly should keep the moss off indefinitely.

The chemical used specifically targets the biology of moss and lichen. It does not harm animals, plants, children or adults. So rest easy and enjoy your clean home!

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