Why VIP Maintenace?

Simple & Easy

You’re busy. You have more important things to do. Still, you know that you have to maintain your most prized possession. We endeavour to make the process quick, simple and uninvolved for you. One less thing you have to worry about.

Customer Service

We take special pride in our customer service. Our cleaning staff is also extensively trained in taking care of customer concerns and speaking with clients with the intent of helping them get what they want out of the services that we provide. We have a strong support structure and our managers are dedicated to fully satisfying all customer concerns.

Space Age Technology

Deionized water purification systems. Ultra light-weight carbon-fiber poles. We use the best technology for our work in order to get things done in the best possible way. This also lets us do jobs more efficiently so that we aren’t around your property all day with heavy equipment such as ladders.

Eco Friendly

We are an environmentally conscious company. Our use of chemicals is very minimal, and all the chemicals that we do use are 100% bio-friendly and bio-degradable. We also recycle and reuse.

Ready To Get Started?

People We Work With

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